Effeci Tecnoimpianti has been producing, installing, converting, expanding and maintaining high-performance technological electrical plants throughout Italy for over 30 years.

Many years of experience means that it can offer customers a complete service with 24 h assistance to cover any demand and/or need.



Number of employees
66 operai

20 impiegati
with expansion to cover the whole of Italy


First purchase green car totally electric.
Effecci Tecnoimpianti now has

58 manual workers

18 office workers



The Switchboard Workshop opens
Partnership with Atalanta Calcio
Partnership with WRT team Rally


A year of development and change: A new partnership with Green Energy Saving Company Srl begins, and a new site is opened in Lugano


Effeci celebrates the 25th Anniversary of its Foundation and renews its image.
It now has
56 manual workers
7 administrative employees
13 technical employees
30 external personnel distributed throughout Italy


The partnership with DHL begins


Effeci continues to increase in size, and now has
17 manual workers
4 office workers


The collaboration with SACBO Spa begins for the construction of technological plants at Orio al Serio Airport. During the same period, a new portion of factory (350 m2) is acquired to reach a total indoor area of 1000 m2


The company has
12 manual workers
2 office workers


Effeci transfers to its new headquarters in Romano di Lombardia


Effeci Tecnoimpianti is founded by Edoardo Falchetti and Mauro Cucchi. The partnership with SIP Spa begins

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Continual commitment to providing innovation, flexibility and ability to meet every need rapidly.
Efficiency, Functionality and Reliability, but above all Attention, are the strengths that characterise and strongly distinguish our company.

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