The great celebration of Effecy Day

Effeci Day took place on 26 September, the event organized on the occasion of 30th anniversary of the founding of our company.

The splendid location of Palazzo Colleoni in Cortenuova was the setting for a truly special evening dedicated to the founders and collaborators of Effeci Tecnoimpianti, where there were surprises and special guests.

First of all Giacomo Poretti of the famous trio Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo who has opened the dance with his sympathy and with his monologue dedicated to the World Cup of ’82.

The comedian, however, was not the only one to take the stage! Together with him also Annamaria Gallo of Poste Italiane for the presentation of a philatelic cancellation with postcard dedicated to a limited edition and the owners Edoardo Falchetti and Mauro Cucchi, who presented the book Polarity. Compatible differences that make history. In the volume, created to celebrate 30 years of activity, the two founders tell the story of the beginnings, the background and the goals achieved by Effeci Tecnoimpianti.

The rest of the evening was dedicated to the more than one hundred employees of the company, awarded with commemorative plaques for the commitment and dedication shown in their work.

«Our collaborators are pure, honest guys with a great desire to do. Enterprising and courageous, capable of accepting sacrifices and loyal to duty. Our goal is to enhance them, accompanying them on a path of definition with the ultimate goal of structuring the new governance of the Effeci Tecnoimpianti» explains Edoardo Falchetti.

Effeci Day represented a great milestone but a point of departure, as the words of Cucchi testify «In these years we have invested so much in the growth of our company and I continue to see investment and development margins».

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