Effeci Tecnoimpianti recognizes in sport the founding values ​​that have always distinguished the company: experience, concentration, teamwork, competence and collaboration.

The great synergy between the various collaborators allows us to obtain great results and guarantee a safe and functional service.


Founded in 1907, La Dea is the Bergamo football club militant in Serie A. The talent and dedication shown in the field by the players, who over the years have been able to achieve important national and international successes, are comparable to the seriousness and the commitment of our collaborators in the design, installation and maintenance of electrical systems.

Effeci Tecnoimpianti recognizes teamwork as a fundamental element in order to reach the set goals, because the spirit of collaboration, commitment and hard work always bring great satisfaction.
This is the winning card that allowed the two companies of Bergamo to achieve well-deserved victories.


Winners Rally drivers compete on national and international territory with determination, attention and competence.

In addition to the passion for engines, what unites Effeci Tecnoimpianti and WRT Winners Rally Team is the ability to face the unexpected: the team of drivers is always ready to overcome obstacles and special tests, just like our company, expert in offering solutions and in responding to emergencies in a timely and efficient manner.


S.C. Romanese Cycling Team strongly believes in young people and their potential, just like our company which, thanks to new recruitment and support to employees already present in the workforce for years, offers continuous support and growth opportunities to its team.

The competence represents an added value both for cycling and for Effeci Tecnoimpianti: the qualifications of our professionals guarantee the complete and efficient service that for over 30 years has distinguished our company, a historical reality of Romano di Lombardia just like the cycling company.